Oldie But Goodie: The Shepherd Song ! 

I use to sing this song on the children’s choir.. and was way to young to realize exactly what I was singing about. 

“You say I am your Shepherd, why aren’t you following me?”

These are the words of the song and it’s God speaking to us. We make the declaration that we love God, that we will live and die for him, that he’s our savior ..but very few of us actually FOLLOW HIM. 

“I told my sheep to visit the sick and take the stranger in… when you see someone naked use your wool to cover their skin” 

How many of us would actually do that? How many of us are really willing to follow God in every aspect of our life? 
“I told my sheep to love one another even your enemies too but you have love for only those that have that love for you.”

This is what I struggle with the most. Being bullied for almost all of my life. Having anxiety, dealing with so much hurt and pain, it’s actually extremely hard to love people at all. But yet Jesus did it. It’s not easy, it hurts, and at times makes me feel so weak. I’m asking God for a balance that I may love my enemies but have the strength to stick up for myself when needed. 

My cousin Jasmine use to lead this song. And her voice was like an Angel, we didn’t always get along but as we got older she was becoming my best friend. Jasmine died the year we would go into the 6th grade together. And it tears me apart to know that I had a true best friend and she was taken from me so young. I miss her the most when I’m lonely or feeling negative. In the shower one day this song came to me, and I knew it was her my Angel pointing me in the right direction. 

Maybe I felt negative because I wasn’t following God like how I was supposed to. I was worried about my bullies, what they were saying and what they were doing. I was constantly thinking of the meanest things to say to them, or how bad I would beat them up if it ever got to that point. I wasn’t following God. I was feeding my flesh with negative thoughts. 

With listening to this song over and over, praying, and reading my bible I hope to find that balance and let go of the negative thoughts, we cannot let those thoughts consume us. 

Now ask yourself, in what areas of your life are you now Following God?


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