The Root Cause of HATE is FEAR.

I see a lot of people on social media who try to wrap their brain around the reason why their is some much hate and the world, so if you really want to know let me break it down for you:




  1. an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

Real Life Example: I HATE SNAKES. I hate how they look, I hate just everything about them. I have never even been around one. A snake has never harmed me. i have never even been near a snake, and I don’t ever want to be, because I hate them

Now to be real, the only reason why I HATE snakes is because I’m afraid of them, and the media has perpetuated this fear with movies portraying snakes as one of the ravenous predators in the world. I’m scared to get bitten by a snake, I’m scared a snake will put me in a choke hold and kill me , or swallow me whole.


Now, when Africans were bought here and enslaved by Europeans, they seen how we would benefit them. We were strong, great for working in the sun and they didn’t have to pay us.

Fast forward, we’re free…..

What White People are Thinking: what are we going to do with these people who we have humiliated, enslaved, beaten , killed, oppressed for 200 years , what are we gong to do? Are they going to try and get revenge? are they going to kill us? and enslave us like what we did to them? We don’t know how to work.. they’ve done all of our jobs for us for so long? How will this affect out economy? They were the basis of our economical infrastructure for so long! what are we going to do….

FEAR. Would best describe the feelings of most white people when slavery ended. Not so much yet hate.

Think about it, slaves fed their children, cleaned their house, and supported them economically.  Wouldn’t you be afraid if one day  a good life in which you didn’t have to lift a finger, was just stripped away from you, and all of a sudden you had to fiend for yourself?

Now look, instead of white people giving up on slavery completely. They thought of new ways in which they could continue to keep us enslaved and benefit off of us economically.

The 13th Amendment, what was supposed to just free us  began the mass incarceration of African Americans,  black men in particular, so that we could continue to do the work of a slave, but legally of course. We built their homes, their roads,  and made way for an industrial world, they could enjoy.

They used Jim Crow, Black Codes… anything to just keep us in that state of slavery.

But what perpetuated this fear the most, turning it into hate was the media. like how the media furthered my fear.. I mean hate for snakes.

A movie by the name of Birth of a Nation, (the original one), used black face to depict African Americans as rapist, monsters Apes, murderers, savages….. there was one  scene in particular in which a white man  saved a white woman from being being raped by a savage, which was really a white man in blackface. This image now represented all  black men, they also made black women to look ugly, scary, and undesirable.

These images were shown all over the world, repeatedly. being embedded  into peoples head that black people should be hated because they were dangerous , they would kill you.

So much so that people all over the world began believing it. Out of fear, they hated black people.

The blacker you were the more dangerous you were which meant your were feared more. you were the ugliest, the meanest the loudest. Why? because you scare me, and its in me to automatically hatebwhat I fear .

Now you can take this concept and apply it to pretty much any situation where hate lies. ultimately fear makes you hate things that you have never even encountered. Fear makes you want to kill things before they kill you. If I seen a snake right now I would attempt to kill it out of fear.

This fear turned into hate was passed down to their kids, and their kids kids with no explanation.



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