The 5 Kinds of White People that Make Black Interns Uncomfortable at their Workplace.

First off…. I love and enjoy my internship. I’m so blessed and none of these people can make me feel uncomfortable to the point that I give up on my hard-work and the blessings God has given me. I’m learning so much and this is an amazing experience. 

Now carry on…

The Obama Lovers 

These are the white people that constantly remind you of how much they love Obama and how they would vote for him for a third term. Their love for Obama makes them feel like they connect with you on a deeper level. When in all actuality everyone should love Obama. He was a great President, anyone who doesn’t like him, is plain and simple a racist or black person suffering from self hate. For them,”I love Obama” is just another way of saying I’m not racist, and well thanks Molly, I’m glad you’re not.

The Awkward Old Man “Up” Smilers 

Everyone who has seen the movie up knows that the old man  has a face in which the bottom half of his face kinda pulls over the top half and he looks just grumpy. If you haven’t seen  “Up” I’m sure you still recognize the weird smile that MOST white people give you when walking towards you.  Its the “I see a black person and I am completely uncomfortable and don’t know what to say” face. Because I guess they don’t believe black people don’t know how to interact.  I politely smile back, wishing they would loosen up because it literally looks like it hurts them to smile.

The Guilty White People 

These are the white people that want to talk about the latest race issues and make it known how sickening it is. They want you to understand that they are completely against racism and they are on your side. sometimes they even go back to slavery and remind you or how wrong and just heart breaking it s to know that happened in America. Every other word is an adjective describing how much they hate Trump or just feel so bad about whats going on to people of color. These people usually talk way too much. They typically don’t understand that talking about the bad things happening to black people every moment of the day is actually depressing to a black person. We are trying to be hopeful in the moments that we can, not constantly reminded about how America isn’t designed for us to ever win. Their guilt is your annoyance. And if you’re like me, you bring headphones to work. BYE BECKY.

The Trump Lovers

These people are currently quiet during conversations about race and politics( A few months ago they were shouting make America Great Again down the halls) because to even open your mouth and defend this man at this point would be insane. These people are quietly dying inside, realizing that they allowed their prejudice to over power their duty to vote for their self interests. They’re not going to comment, if they’re actually educated of course, because frankly they might be out numbered and feel like they’ve contributed to a monster being in office. And they did, so I usually talk loud when discussing trumps asinine move of the day. You’re Welcome.

The Racially Passive Aggressive/ 99 Questioners

these people are by far the most annoying. They are first and foremost upset that you are even there. They will try and attribute your accomplishments to Affirmative Action. Then, they will start asking questions in which they’re hoping you will give  stereo typical answers to like; Where did you grow up? Are your parents still together? Did you grow up poor? I know you have had to see drugs when you were a kid! And the whole time you are trying to keep your composure because for sure the devil is trying you. These people are going to try to cover up their racism as much as they can in an effort to be professional but it will always come out in some passive aggressive way. And the only way to put up with these people is one; prayer and 2; giving it right back. Great comeback: is your mom and Uncle related? Yes. I went there.



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