There’s that point in life where everything switches and what you thought about your parents don’t matter anymore. 

You grow up and experience how hard life really is and you become so grateful  for them. You see their flaws and thank God that he gave them strength to still make it through. To still persevere and keep you fed and clothed. And instead of them protecting you, you want to protect them, always. 

There comes a point where you imagine your life without them and immediately get teary eyed. What could you possibly do without them? How would you have made it this far if it wasn’t for God using two amazing people to bring you into this world. 

And most of all there’s that moment… where you think about the bad. And how sometimes you felt mistreated, misunderstood, and like you never got your way… and you realize that everything you went through up into this point was molding you and teaching you things about life that were to come. 

And then you go AHA! Because you realize this whole time your parents were actually up to something , and maybe they actually did know what they were doing by shielding you from certain things. 

And all you could hope for is that you’ll be half as great as them when you become a parent. 

Whether your parents were absent in your life or not. You still hold a place of undying gratitude for them. Because that experience of being lonely or feeling unwanted fuels your desire to not allow anyone you love ever feel like that again, and that’s such a beautiful desire to have. 


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