Snap Back to Reality.

Anxiety can allow you to feel like you’re having an outter-body expeienece, like you’re on the outside looking in…. watching yourself having a complete melt down or jittering  through the day. 

A way to grasp a hold of yourself is through prayer and practicing your inner voice. 

Pray to God first, ask him for a peace, focus, and that his love will envelope you.

Next practice your inner voice. Recite things to yourself intimently that you want to be true both in that moment and for your life. 

“My name is Nikeeya Ali, I am a child of God, I am fearlessly and wonderfully made with favor from God. He has chosen me among many and set me apart. I am greatful for his love, peace and joy. I am not afraid. Anxiety does not control me. I am controlled by Gods fruit of the spirit. Thank you Jesus, for your blood. The blood of Jesus is over me.”

Your inner voice mantra may come off as a prayer but that’s good too. Anytime you pray your talking to God and are closer to him and in him there is no fear or anxiety. 

These are things that I keep in mind as I go about my day. I hope this blesses someone as much as it has blessed me. 


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