Jesus, Bonfires and Scary Stories!

Last night I went to Pastor JPs house for a bonfire with my BCM family. 

I had such an amazing time the atmosphere was so inviting and loving. I couldn’t believe that I had finally found Christian people who loved God as much as me in the most sincere and purest way and still did things they enjoyed. 

BCM stands for Baptist Colligiate Ministry. It’s a new organization on campus that helps students who want to live for Christ while they are young (yes it is possible) and raise money for missionary trips to go out the country and spread the gospel. 

Last night I met so many like minded people and people that would help me on my journey. 

I heard some of the most intincing scary stories like The witch of Yazoo City which is actually a true story!! Omg. I even swung on my first ever homemade swing lol (I’m from Brooklyn we didn’t have those). 

I am so happy that I got to experience the presence of the Lord in this way and I wish every young person got to experience this. 

Jesus dosnt want to limit our lives. He wants us to be all that we want to be, while allowing him to get the glory. He wants success and happiness for us but he also wants our testimony to be glorious so that when we tell the story of how we got to where we are we can help someone along the way and encourage them early. 

I am so blessed and grateful that God allowed me to meet such amazing people. Join the BCM ministry at your school and if there isn’t one, create one ! It’s worth it! 


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