The Black Wall Street Lives On. 

South Carolina State University students, Najee Watkins and Perrion Manns hosted one of the most successful on campus events of the year, last night in Jazzmyn’s Cafe known as The Black Market.
Watkins and Manns are both students in the student Organization; Black Wall street. They got this name by focusing on a moment in black history that highlighted the envious and horrendous act of white supremacists, who burned down and rioted a city because of their thriving economy full of black owned business in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Knowing the History of The black Wall Street, this event and organization is very important and needed here on campus. This organization encourages entrepreneurship and the support of black businesses.

Last nights event kicked off at 3:00 pm , and black excellence was immediately centralized in this one space for the time being. People came all the way from places like Milwaukee and New Jersey, selling their products, invoking stimulating conversation and sharing ideas and concepts on entrepreneurship.

Walking through the event you get a sense of pride knowing that these are people of your  ethnicity who don’t feel limited to a work experience that they don’t enjoy. Brave and strong individuals who took the leap to invest time and money into themselves. These are people who didn’t allow the fear of the past, scare them out of making a name for themselves.

Sochel Substance , a graphic t-shirt company drove 14 hours to get to the campus to sale and promote their t-shirt line. Their shirts featured a vivid image of Africa, detailed in a variety of beautiful colors.

A lot of the entrepreneurs in attendance were those who actually attended SC state like Jabrea Mitchel. When asked why she chose to venture into entrepreneurship she shrugged her shoulders and said, “Money” .

Jabrea Mitchell is our junior class Queen who sold hair at last nights Black Market. She got a great response from students, as she served as the model for her product, people seemed to be very interested


Jeremy Haigler and Aquil Nash are to SC State students who have their own fashion line entitled Vanta Black, last night they had some pretty amazing caps on display. They have had a very successful year when it comes to product sales.

Some of Orangeburgs finest was also in attendance. William Green of Royal Designs was recently recognized in The T&D for winning the most pageants ever in the history of Orangeburg County. He is a  man of many talents and it showed last night as he sold things from jewelry,  baskets, to beautiful flower arrangements.

There was about 20 vendors in total, with many products being sold. The response to this event was overwhelming. Students came in massive numbers to socialize and support these businesses .

The event ended off with an ensemble of musicians from SC States Marching 101 band. They completely embellished the vibrant atmosphere playing crowed favorites like “ No Problem” by Chance The Rapper and “ My Boo” By Alicia Keys and Usher.

By the time vendors began to pack up, students were still flooding in. The inviting and jubilant atmosphere made this event the place to be last night.

It wasn’t until about 8:00, all the vendors had left, while the jazz band kept playing, and the spirit of the original people of The Black Wall Street proved to have lived on.



This article will soon be featured in SCSU’s Collegian Newspaper with Permission from author.


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