Art at SCSU: Maggie O’ Hara Presents Gestures Of Persistence 

Today while in the Fine Arts building of South Carolina State University I met Ms. Maggie O’ Hara the new edition to the SC State art program. I was so happy to meet her and meet her art most of all! She’s a SCAD graduate and a Pittsburg native.

Her exhibit is called Gestures of Persistence. And it’s truly beautiful and thought provoking. I can honestly say this was the first art exhibit here on campus that I felt especially emotionally connected to.

She expressed emotion through video. Making everything in black and white and didn’t show her face so that everyone would feel included. Allowing people to see themselves and identify with her art in their own way.

She expressed emotions like anxiety and hopelessness, the emotions you feel while you watch someone suffer, the freedom with feel when you finally break free from something and other nuance of emotions you may feel when you look at the art. The use of black and white enforces the idea that these are all human emotions that everyone in the world has felt at one point.

In these photos I felt a sense of feminism breaking free. She expressed that it wasn’t her intention but because art often reflects who you are, her art often comes off as her making statements about feminism. In these two images she’s tearing through a ripe apple (top). She’s tearing off her panty hoes (bottom).In this photo she actually emerged herself in icy water for nine minutes.



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