To the people who Hate Trump. Listen. 

Please just listen …

Throwing out insults isn’t winning the battle. Y’all can call trump every dirty name in the book, guess what he still President. Why? Because y’all elected him and allowed him to win. Because instead of debating and using your words to persuade/  you decided to mock and insult. You can’t call a person stupid for their opinion then try to persuade them of anything. They won’t  be receptive of it.  I wish some of you would come up of your moral high ground long enough to realize how hypocritical you have been.

Everything isn’t in black in white. Just because you don’t agree with someone’s lifestyle dosnt mean that you hate them or are afraid of them.  Stop trying to force people to see things in black and white through insults and open up the conversation so that you may persuade them. Stop screaming love wins , black lives matter if your going to be as judgemental amd unyeilding to others like how your oppressors have done to you.

Somewhere along the line people forgot that their are grey areas in their life where sometimes you like the purple shoe but don’t agree with the bow. It happens. Do you call the show maker an idiot because of it. No you suck it up or don’t buy the shoe. And that’s what I’m saying suck it up and approach the situation with respect for another human being or let it go.


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