Thoughts of a Flawed Girl….

Gods love for us is the only love we can truly count on.

Lately I’ve been batteling a lot with figuring out why God allows some people to have flaws.

I have this flaw that I prayed about for so long asking God to remove it. And for a while I felt like a lot of the reason God kept me where I was, was to keep my grounded, humble and able to see perspective.

I think about what if I didn’t have this flaw would I have really sought after God like how I have all these years? Sometimes God puts us through things just to bring us closer to him. And I’m so thankful for him. My relationship with God is something that I’m learning to completely put first. I want God to get the glory out of my life.

It’s weird that I’m always praying to him about a flaw when he sees me as perfect. HE SEES ME AS PERFECT.

I’m praying to God about something that has no affect on his love for me. Crazy right.

I thank God. With flaws and all. I thank him for keeping me close to his heart.


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