Tom Vs Jerry: Donald Trump Vs. The Media

Since President Trump got into office the media has been one of his main priorities … well discrediting the media at least.

True media, like real journalist, not people who go in political rants on twitter and Facebook but people who have studied and got a degree in Communications have been taking the bate ever since this man got into office.

Journalist know that we are supposed to be the watchdogs of the government. It’s always been like that. It’s one of the first things you learn in the very first mass communications class. You all know it’s been journalist to get to the bottom of things to reasearch and find answers. It was journalist who found out and let the world know about Monica Lewinsky , it was a journalist who told the American people about the Watergate Scandal. So the reason why Trump is trying to shut the media out should not be a surprise.

If Trump continues to Turn the American people against REAL JOURNALISM it will be impossible for the American people to REALLY know what is going on in the White House.

Trump is a smart man in a sense because he knows how to create chaos amongst people to get what he wants, he’s done it all throughout his campaign and he’s currently doing it with the relationship between the media and American people.

I’m not saying the media hasn’t been biased and filled with people that lack integrity over the years….but at the core of media is real journalist who want to inform others and be the voice that some many people may not have. That’s what it’s really all about.

Media people have now limited themselves to constantly fact checking Trump, and throwing out biased stories and falsifying  stories.

Now what makes the media  better than Trump or Mr. Spicer? You can’t report on the alternative facts by giving alternative facts, that’s not how reporting works. If we continue to go down this route we will lose this cat and mouse game and it will turn into the media being the boy who cried wolf.

President Trump is closing the media out so that the media can make up false stories so he can then say, ” they  are liars” . Which you would be because no one actually knows the truth because he never actually allows anyone to know the truth.

This is the time for true journalism. Who is going to reasearch and investigate ?  Who is acatually going to follow ledes and find the people with answers ?  Those people are the real journalist and they are so needed  rightnow.


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