Poem Chronicles: I’m Trying to find my Voice

I’m Trying to find my voice (looks under pillow)
Trying to find your voice ( looks at mirror )

Is as Hard as trying to figure out who you are.

Am I timid?

To where my voice I so soft

U can hear the cracks and the fast beating of my heart from the nervousness.

U can hear the tears build up as I’m put in the spotlight

Or am I confident?

U can hear the every syllable pronounced

Finessed with my Brooklyn slang

Warped up with brilliance and self security

Lord knows I try to find my voice

But how can I do that when I haven’t found myself

It’s not an easy task

So for now

My voice is in the words I type

The letters I write

The rhymes I make

The time I take to sit down and express myself

To share a story maybe with words misspelled

But that’s my voice

Imperfectly perfect.


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