Why Ke Ke Palmer is the inspiration for All Awkward Black Girls.

We have all seen the metamorphoses of the eccentric Millennial diva butterfly Ms. KeKe palmer. She is shaking up the entertainment and fashion industry with her every move and strut. KeKe is so wise beyond her years a lot of what she says go over people heads, she has come to realizations about life that many Women are trying to figure out. keke-palmer-1-760x1140.jpg


 Look I have always been a KeKe Plamer fan but just by following her on social media and watching her recent interviews I’m just like ” Girl I am you and You is Me”.  Often our non-celebrity selves try and see things in celebrities that make us like them, only referring to the socially acceptable things but no, I’m like her in so many ways; The Accepted and Unaccepted.


 KeKe talks about her social anxiety, spiritual journey, and being molested, on many different social media platforms, as well in her new book ” I Don’t Belong to You”. These are all things that I also deal or have dealt with myself, that not many people of color or people in general want to discuss.

 Although some people may not agree with her opinions, how she carries herself she still speaks her mind, she is so outspoken despite being the introverted person that she is. I know how much courage that takes and I’m grateful that there’s a KeKe Palmer in the world to make me feel like I’m not as lonely.


In an interview with Wendy Williams she talked about her situation with Trey Songz and how she froze up and became scared. Wendy Williams could not understand KeKe’s reaction no matter how many times she tried to get her too. That’s because Wendy Williams isn’t known to have suffered from Social Anxiety. That freeze moment that KeKe experience is something that I go through often. It happens at the worst moments when you feel like you should be the bravest. Uncontrollably taking over your reactions, so when KeKe talked about it, I already knew what was up and immediately felt a connection.

 KeKe has the keys to life and if most of you would just get over the fact that she is now grown and isn’t your typical “silent Wall” celebrity, you would be able to see how much light this young lady brings into the world.



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