My First Time …

  I sit in my fully furnished Colorado apartment, in which I’m calling home for the summer, watching the young Carrie Bradshaw contemplate on writing an essay about the first time she had sex.   Most of us have some elaborate story about either how amazing or  horrible their first time was. Fortunately, that experience has very little to do with who I am today. My first sexual experience wasn’t very memorable or enjoyable making it very easy to not talk about. However, there’s another first that has had the greatest impact on me… the first time I realized my … Continue reading My First Time …

❌New Music Alert❌

Y’all I absolutely love SZA she is so dope. This album is mainly for those who are still constantly going through the in and outs of having relationships in where you feel unappreciated or you’re the side chick. lol i couldn’t relate to the lyrics but everything about this Blum is amazing. Her vocals, LIT. Beats, LIT. Features LIT ! Make sure you download this album! Currently on Apple Music.  Continue reading ❌New Music Alert❌

The Root Cause of HATE is FEAR.

I see a lot of people on social media who try to wrap their brain around the reason why their is some much hate and the world, so if you really want to know let me break it down for you: Fear /ˈfir/ noun an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. Real Life Example: I HATE SNAKES. I hate how they look, I hate just everything about them. I have never even been around one. A snake has never harmed me. i have never even been near … Continue reading The Root Cause of HATE is FEAR.

The 5 Kinds of White People that Make Black Interns Uncomfortable at their Workplace.

First off…. I love and enjoy my internship. I’m so blessed and none of these people can make me feel uncomfortable to the point that I give up on my hard-work and the blessings God has given me. I’m learning so much and this is an amazing experience.  Now carry on… The Obama Lovers  These are the white people that constantly remind you of how much they love Obama and how they would vote for him for a third term. Their love for Obama makes them feel like they connect with you on a deeper level. When in all actuality everyone … Continue reading The 5 Kinds of White People that Make Black Interns Uncomfortable at their Workplace.


There’s that point in life where everything switches and what you thought about your parents don’t matter anymore.  You grow up and experience how hard life really is and you become so grayeful of them. You see their flaws and thank God that he gave them strength to still make it through. To still persevere and keep you fed and clothed. And instead of them protecting you, you want to protect them, always.  There comes a point where you imagine your life without them and immediately get teary eyed. What could you possibly do without them? How would you have … Continue reading Parents.